Ignite is organized by Teams, which allow you to collaborate with other users. By default, the user that created the Team is its owner. All items created in Ignite (besides Teams themselves) belong to the Team in which they were created, and only members of a given Team can manage its items.

Switching Between Teams #

Each new user automatically becomes a member of the Community Team. This allows you to explore the platform a bit before you create your own Team. If you are a member of multiple Teams, you can switch to another Team using the Team menu on the right of the header bar, next to the user profile menu. You may also manage the current Team’s profile and if you are its owner, as well as create a new Team.

Create a New Team #

The first step to start promoting your apologetics materials is to create a new Team. Open the Team menu and click on the “Create New Team” link. You will be taken to a form where you can enter Team name and an image to use as its avatar. Click on the “Create” button to create the Team.

Manage Team Members #

Team Roles #

Teams have 3 membership roles: Owner, Admin, and Member. A Team may only have a single Owner, but may have as many Admins and Members as desired. Below is a table that shows what each role is able to do:

Edit Profile✔️
Transfer Ownership✔️
Suspend / Reactivate✔️
Invite Members✔️
Manage Members✔️
Enable / Disable Promotion on Apologist Agent✔️✔️
Enable / Disable Promotion on Apologist Social✔️✔️
Archive / Restore✔️✔️
Manage Contributions✔️✔️✔️
Archive / Restore✔️✔️✔️
Manage Contributions✔️✔️✔️
Archive / Restore✔️✔️✔️

Invite a Team Member #

The Team owner may invite other users as Admins or regular Members. Open the Team menu and click on the “Team Profile” link. Scroll down past the Edit Team form to the tab bar and click on “Invitations” tab. Click on the “Invite New Team Member” button to invite a new team member. You will be presented with an Invitation form. Enter the email address of the person you’d like to invite to your Team. Then select the new member’s role and customized the invitation email.

Click on the “Invite Member” to send the invitation. If you wish to invite multiple people to your Team, you may alternately click on the “Invite and Invite Another” button to immediately bring the invitation form back up.

When you are finished inviting one or more members to your Team, the pending members will be displayed in the Invitations table. By default, only pending Invitations will be displayed. However, you may change the table’s filter to see all Invitations. If you would like to rescind an Invitation, click on the “Cancel” action on the Invitation row. If you would like to resend the Invitation, click on the “Resend” action.

Edit a Team Member #

Once an Invitation is accepted, the invitee becomes a member of the Team in the specified role. Below the Edit Team form, click on the “Members” tab on the tab bar. You will see a table of current Team members. You may click on the “Edit” link on a Member row to edit the member.

Suspend a Team Member #

If you would like to suspend a Team member’s access to your Team, simply click on the “Suspend” link on the member’s row. You may reactivate the member at any time.

Manage a Team Profile #

To manage your Team’s profile click on the “Team Profile” link on the Team menu. The Edit Team form allows you to change the Team’s name and avatar. You may also change the Team’s owner. Please note that ownership may only be transferred to a Team Admin. Once you transfer ownership of a Team, you will no longer be able to manage its members as only the Team owner can manage members. If you wish to retire the Team entirely, you may click on the “Suspend” button on the lower right of the Edit Team form.