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The Apologist Project is a nonprofit on a mission to break down barriers to belief through a conversational AI trained on a range of topics in Christian apologetics and intellectually stimulating, community-led discourse.

Now is the time to act.

The conversational AI space is niching out and the body of Christ needs a strong contender

Other worldviews are ahead of Christianity in promoting their ideologies by embracing new technologies

Every day it gets harder to catch up with competing AI on a double exponential growth curve

AI is more powerful than any other major technological advancement because it can iteratively feed itself information

Troubling Trends Generations Falling Away

Today's working professional is educated, technologically savvy, and distracted by information overload. We need to meet non-believers where they are and speak to them in ways they respond to — using modern, visually appealing digital products that present God’s truth.

“U.S. adults who have moved away from Christianity are younger, on average, than those who have remained Christian after a Christian upbringing. … This age pattern aligns with a decades-long trend in which each cohort of young adults is less religiously affiliated than the preceding one.” [Pew]

Churches are closing faster than they are opening. Young adults are turning their backs to God. Post-pandemic church attendance is lower; many people decided not to come back or prefer to worship virtually. [Pew]

U.S. Christians projected to fall below 50% of population if recent trends continue

The mission field is moving online.

Lost in a Marketplace of Ideas
Western society is already being influenced by AIs that promote secular ideals
Lack of Compassion
Non-believers are sometimes alienated and intimidated by judgmental Christians
Biblical Knowledge Trending Downward
Each successive generation knows less about the fundamentals of Christianity
Majoring in the Minors
Believers and non-believers alike often get wrapped up in non-essentials of the faith