AI-Powered Apologetics for the Modern Era

Our generative AI technology answers common objections to Christianity by training on works authored by classical and contemporary Christian apologists. Free to the end consumer forever.

Embed Our Advanced AI Agent on Your Website

Is your church or ministry inundated with theological questions outside of business hours? Let our embedded chatbot field common questions, then follow up when a further conversation with a human being is needed.

Marketing Tools for Apologetics Ministries

Apologist Ignite can serve as a launchpad for smaller / newer ministries, as well as an additional channel for established ministries or publishers. Collaborate with other team members to upload sources to be used in Apologist Agent’s responses.

Ministry Reviews & Moderated Discussions

We promote intellectually honest, respectful discourse on topics pertaining to Christian apologetics. Members are encouraged to freely share ideas and reviews of works in the most comprehensive collection of its kind on the web.

It's Like Having Thomas Aquinas in Your Pocket

All the power of Apologist Agent. All the community of Apologist Social. Be ready with an answer to any question, all at your fingertips on the device you carry around with you every day. Dictate a question and have the answer spoken back.

Apologist Pocket