Marketing Tools for Apologetics Ministries

Apologist Ignite can serve as a launchpad for smaller / newer ministries, as well as an additional channel for established ministries or publishers. Collaborate to upload apologetics sources to be added to the corpus of materials that Apologist Agent can draw from in its responses. If your apologetics source is used in a response, it will be cited and linked to a URL of your choice (e.g., a referral link for the source to be purchased on your website). In addition, Apologist Social will have a pre-vetted audience for apologetics ministries to promote their resources and events.

Reach a Pre-Vetted Audience

Exposure on Apologist Agent
Apologist Agent searches a corpus of apologetics sources uploaded to Apologist Ignite to incorporate in its responses. Any time your source is used in a response, it will cite your source and link the user to a URL of your choosing (e.g., to learn more or buy it).
Performance Tracking Analytics
Apologist Ignite shows you how many hits your source is getting, as well as how many times someone clicks on it. It gives you the tools you need to track how Apologist Agent uses your source over time so yo know precisely how well it's performing.
Apologetics Ministry Profiles
There are so many great ministries and resources out there, but they are often difficult to find. Ministries, authors, and their works are cataloged and reviewed by members in a centralized, community-supported repository.
New Marketing Channel for Ministries
Apologetics ministries can manage their profile and engage with readers / listeners / consumers of their content. Members are empowered to choose their favorite ministries in the marketplace of ideas, all having equal exposure.