A Collection is a flexible grouping of Sources. A Source can be a part of multiple Collections. Collections may be nested, offering unlimited possibilities. Here are a few sample use cases:

  1. A flat “top 10” list of Sources for a given theme.
  2. An anthology which consists of multiple Sources. For example, The Complete Works of Athanasius is a published volume which included numerous distinct works (Sources) by Athanasius.
  3. A custom, nested hierarchy, with Sources at the bottom of the taxonomy.

Collections are not to be confused with global Categories. Categories are a global canonical taxonomy maintained by our staff, whereas Collections are custom lists created for and by Teams.

Create a Collection #

Click on the “Create Collection” button to create a new Collection. The form will allow you to submit a new Collection. All new Collections must be approved by a member of our staff.

Edit a Collection #

Click on a row of the Collections table to Edit a Collection. You may edit any of the Collection’s details on this screen. However, note that as per the approval process for Collections, the Collection “Summary” section can no longer be edited once the Collection is submitted for approval, or after it is finally approved.

Archive / Restore a Collection #

Collections may be archived by clicking on the “Archive” button on the bottom right of the Edit form. Once a Collection is archived, it will no longer be seen by users outside your Team. An archived Collection may be restored by clicking on the “Restore” button on the bottom right of the Edit form.