The Dashboard screen is the default view in Apologist Ignite. It shows you an overview of any items pending approval, Team activity, and charts depicting the performance of your apologetics resources within the ecosystem.

Performance Charts #

There are charts at the top of the Dashboard screen that show you how well your apologetics resources are doing in the Apologist ecosystem. For example, once you make your Source available on Apologist Agent, you can see how many times your Source was used by Apologist Agent as context in its responses, as well as how many times Users clicked on your Source to learn more.

Items Pending Approval #

The Dashboard shows items (Contributors, Sources, or Collections) that have not yet been approved via our streamlined approval process. This helps highlight any to-do items on your plate so that nothing falls through the cracks when getting your resources through our approval process.

Team Activity #

The Dashboard also shows you any actions that have been taken on the items that the Team owns so that you are aware of changes being made.