Sources are written apologetics works that are shown to other users in the Apologist ecosystem. They may be advertised on Apologist Agent or Apologist Social (coming soon) to help you gain exposure for your apologetics resources.

Add a Source #

Click on the “Add Source” button to add a new Source. The form will allow you to submit a new Source. All new Sources must be approved by a member of our staff.

Edit a Source #

Click on a row of the Sources table to Edit a Source. You may edit any of the Source’s details on this screen. However, note that as per the approval process for Sources, the Source “Summary” section can no longer be edited once the Source is submitted for approval, or after it is finally approved.

Advertise Source on Apologist Agent #

Once your Source is approved, you may advertise it on Apologist Agent. In order to do so, you must upload a plain text version of the apologetics work. Then, toggle the “Advertise on Apologist Agent” field. Ignite will index the text into the corpus used by Agent as context in its responses.

Locked Sources #

Certain Sources may be locked by our staff based on agreements made between both parties. This is to ensure that Sources do not change for the duration of the agreement. The lock icon in the upper right of the Edit screen shows the current locked status. If you believe your Source has been locked in error, please reach out to us to resolve the matter.

Archive / Restore a Source #

Sources may be archived by clicking on the “Archive” button on the bottom right of the Edit form. Once a Source is archived, it will no longer be seen by users outside your Team. An archived Source may be restored by clicking on the “Restore” button on the bottom right of the Edit form.

Managing Contributions #

Sources relate to Contributors through a Contribution, each of which is assigned a role. On the “Source Contributions” tab below the main Contributor Edit form, there is a table of Contributions that Contributors have made to the Source. You may add more Contributions, edit existing Contributions, and archive / restore existing Contributions.

A Contributor and role must be specified for each Contribution. There is no limit to how many Contributions a Source has. The “Author” role is treated as the primary Contribution, whereas all others are represented as secondary.