Apologist Agent & Apologist Beacon are Live!

Today we are pleased to announce the official launch of Apologist Agent and Apologist Beacon. Apologist Agent has come a long way since our beta was launched back in October 2023. Now backed by RAG sources uploaded via Apologist Ignite, Agent is smarter than ever. And we’re not done yet. We’ll be continually fine-tuning the […]

Jake Carlson Jake Carlson

Introducing Apologist Ignite

Today we’re announcing the public beta of Apologist Ignite. Apologist Ignite is a marketing platform made for apologetics ministries and publishers, as well as independent apologists. Our initial offering allows teams to collaborate on managing apologist profiles and upload sources authored by them. Those sources are then added to the corpus of materials that Apologist […]

Jake Carlson Jake Carlson

Apologist Agent & Apologist Beacon Beta

The Apologist Project is a nonprofit which will feature a conversational AI and social platform for Christian apologetics. Today, we are pleased to announce that Apologist Agent and Apologist Beacon are now in beta. Backing both products is our proprietary LLM, code-named “Aquinas.” We signed a team up to participate in Gloo’s AI & the […]

Jake Carlson Jake Carlson